at home insemation

How do you know if your too close the cervix when doing this.  I just want a baby an least expensive way and not have to make several trips to doctors office every month.

implantation bleeding or period

Sun, 10/09/2011 - 18:26 — suprwman31 My husband and i have been tryin to concieve and this month we had sex every fertile day and some.

Possibility of being pregnant

My normal cycle is 23 and takes 5 days.But last month(Sept.)it took 35 days and last 6 days after I took the hysterosalpingogram test and clomid 2 days after my period(Aug.17)and start injecting me

Miscarriage or Implantation Bleeding

I am about 4/5 weeks i had some bleeding in the early morning around 8am when i went to pee. Nothing was on my underwear at all. Had cramping off an on nothing major just mild cramping.

Still optimistic....

After about 6 months of trying, some months more than others, we're kind of taking a break. We won't be using any barriers so it'll still be possible, but we won't be worrying about it too much.

Ms. She

I really pray and want to conceive a healthy baby boy....


Just took an at home test and discovered I'm Pregnant, my husband and I have been trying since July. According to the calendar I keep I am 4 weeks and 5 days!

On board

 So me and my husband of 6 yrs have finally got on the same page about wanting more kids although we have been trying for almost 8 years to have another child it has not happened yet.


Ok so I have an extreme irregular in never had one! My husband is wanting a family and I do also but it takes a lot more to try.

TTC #2

I am 31 yrs old with history of toxemia. Have a 13 yr old son born in 1998 & gave birth to a stillborn baby girl on 8-9-05 at 7 months due to toxemia.


my boyfriend and i had sex and the condom broke,the first day of my little fertile day.he continue to have sex and he pull out when he cum,is there a possibly that i can get pregnant from precum?

It could take a while....

About ten years ago, before I even knew him, my husband had a kidney transplant due to a genetic defect that causes kidney failure (don't ask me the name, my latin isn't so great...).

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I just turned 35 and we (my husban and I) are  really just starting to seriously consider starting a family.  I am in the process of trying to lose weight and to get my body into shape.&n

trust in God

So it has been a long road to finding out why we have not had any luck conceiving. We recently started seeing a reproductive specialist.


Hi, I am wondering if I could be pregnant. Ok, on June 2010 I had my tubal reversal leaving me with only one fallopian tube. We have been ttc ever since and no success.