What is a Tilted Uterus?

Your gynecologist or obstetrician may use the term tilted uterus during
one of your regular visits to describe the positioning of your uterus,
but what exactly is a tilted uterus?

What Home Fertility Tests are Available?

It is a huge step to make an appointment with a fertility specialist.
Many couples wait months to years before making an appointment. Some
claim the cost of fertility help is just too high and others want to
wait one more month to see if the test finally reads positive.

Common Causes of Extremely Low Sperm Count

There is nothing worse than going through tons of fertility tests only
to find out your husband has an extremely low sperm count without an
identifiable cause. Inevitably, extremely low sperm counts are going to
have a medical cause of some kind.

Does My Uterus Age?

Sometimes women choose to freeze eggs when they are healthy and abundant
in hopes of starting a family later in life, but as the years of
menopause approach, does the uterus age to the point that conception and
healthy pregnancy is impossible?

What Drugs Are Used for Fertility Treatments?

There are multiple means of conception via fertility treatments. Some
women opt to have embryos transferred into the uterus and others choose
to have sperm and egg implanted in hopes of a more natural conception.

Do I Have to Gain Weight During Pregnancy?

Weight gain is just part of pregnancy. The weight of the fetus, placenta, growing uterus, extra blood and body fluid all account for extra weight. Just how much extra weight a woman should gain during pregnancy has been the topic of debate for quite some time.

Fetal Hiccupping in the Womb

The end of your pregnancy is finally approaching, and you are noticing every little change. If you feel small, rhythmic movements for an extended period of time, your baby is having hiccups.

How Much Weight To Gain During Pregnancy?

According to a study  published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, a third of women surveyed gained too much weight during pregnancy.