Who Will Be Involved In My Care on Labor & Delivery?

This blog post will attempt to explain the various caregivers that may be participating in your labor and delivery and explain what their role will be in making your baby’s birthday as safe and memorable as possible.

Restless Genital Syndrome (RGS)

Restless genital syndrome (RGS) is a condition which mainly affects women (though also occasionally in men) that is characterized by an unpleasant sensation involving the genital area and pelvis. A woman with RGS experiences sudden, continuous and uncontrolled arousal in her genital region but she does not have a desire or fantasy for sex. RGS has been defined as

5 Minutes to the Hospital

Let’s be clear: "5 minutes to the hospital" does not exist. Even if a woman actually does live within a couple miles of a hospital, there’s more to it than that.

Working During Pregnancy

Most women perform some type of work during pregnancy—except if they’re confined to bed rest. Whether you’re working from home, the office or a remote location, here are solutions to the most common complaints pregnant working women experience.

Help for Queasiness/Morning Sickness

Doula or Midwife: Which is Best for You?

Before you finish your second trimester of pregnancy, someone will probably ask if you plan to use the services of a doula or midwife. With all the health-care decisions you have to make during pregnancy, deciding whether to use a doula or midwife can feel like another overwhelming task.

Types of Healthcare Providers During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a time in your life when many decisions will have to be made. One of the first, and most important, will be what type of healthcare provider you will see to make sure both you and the baby are healthy throughout the pregnancy.

Our Home Birth Story

Our first birth was in a hospital and it ended in a cesarean section after almost three hours of pushing with a “sunny side up” baby. The second time, we were excited that we could afford a home birth with midwives.

Allie Sakowicz, Blogger

As a doula and future perinatologist, I have seen childbirth from a variety of perspectives. Though my passion for obstetrics has never wavered, my view on it is ever-evolving.

The Gentle Cesarean Birth

For those that need or want a cesarean section, the option to have a gentle cesarean birth – or certain aspects of it – is quite appealing to many moms-to-be.

Dealing with Pregnancy Envy

Have you ever felt like if another one of your friends calls, texts, emails or put on social media her exciting baby news, you’re going to explode?

First Pregnancy as a Stepmom

You are a member of the growing population of stepmothers who are pregnant with their first baby. You are faced with the unique challenge of having your first child with a husband who has children from a previous relationship.