Pursuing Happiness

If I had been asked in high school where I would be at forty, I would probably have said I'd be happily married with children. Not in a million millennia would I have said, "I'll be retired, disabled, back together with a high school boyfriend, contemplating marriage and a family."

a little concerned

My periods have always been a normal 5 day period until this month I was a whole 4 days late and then I bleed for three days with no clotting.

1st day of acupunture

So you give anything a try right ?
Being a sceptic and yet still open minded I went for my first consult and treatment of acupuncture today.


     My husband & I have been trying to conceive for 3

Positive Test

On Sept. 1 Doctor prescribed me clomid, said that it might work and that I might not be ovulating. Haven't have period since Aug. 12th. Started taking BBT on Sept.


My husband and I will start trying for a lil one.  We are also starting FertilAid tomorrow.  Wish me luck.  I'll keep you all posted.   :D

trouble with getting pregnant

My daughter is going to be four. I've been trying to get pregnant for three years now, with no success. I am at my ropes end, and on the point of saying forget about it.

Baby Dance

Well the baby dance is over and the waiting begins. Fingers are crossed. Anyone with some extra baby dust send it my way :)

Low Progesterone :(

So after 7 months of TTC, my blood test results are low Progesterone. I wanted to cry!!

My Adrenal Gland is Lazy!

After a hysterectomy, I was told my adrenal gland would pick up testosterone production but I think my adrenal gland is lazy. When I exercise it takes me weeks to recover with pain bad enough

90% Sure

My cycle is late after 2 rounds of clomid.

just dont know

looking at everythin on here is quite tear jurking thinking about babies and having them really gets upsetting and i know factors contrabute to not being able to have one but its difficult to liste

First entry

My husband and I lost a baby last July, and since then have had trouble getting pregnant.  I have taken two rounds of clomid and nothing.  Discourage!!!

Healthier Life Style

I have to stop smoking, drinking, and eating unhealthy foods IMMEDIATELY!!!
I Have to Start working out 3 times per week IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

Been A Long Journey For Me

Been wanting to conceive for along time.It has been along journey with me.Because I have a seizure disorder.In which I was born with.I am on medicine now for them.Mainly thats the only thing that h