What is Mittelschmerz?

When someone sneezes you may hear the German word Gesundeit. This German word means sneeze. When you feel pain during ovulation you may hear a very different German word – Mittelschmerz.

Does Fasting Hurt Your Fertility?

A study on female fertility and fasting was completed on female mice, but it was performed by researchers at the Harvard Medical School — so there is a bit of clout behind the research.

Carry it with Flair...Boring Diaper Bags Beware

Have you ever noticed that some diaper bags look like a changing table on a strap? Thankfully, the latest trend takes diaper bags out of the changing room and into boutiques, but with practical features, of course. We even found some that are great for dads.

How prenatal yoga helped me during pregnancy

The breathing and relaxation techniques taught in prenatal yoga helped me to practice for the breathing techniques required during labor as well as aided me in learning to manage the labor pains.

Looking pretty during pregnancy!

Pregnant women often times feel that they look ugly and huge
so they try to hide their bodies in ill fitting and loose clothing. On top of

What to pack for your hospital stay

As you hit the 34th week of pregnant, the third
trimester is nearing the end and it is probably the best time to pack your bags
for the hospital stay.  Babies are highly

5 tips to help you conceive

Have you been trying to conceive for a while or have just
started trying and are wondering what could help me get pregnant faster? Wellhere are 5 tips which can help you get pregnant faster!

USA Lags Behind in Preterm Births

Born too soon: the global action report on preterm birth by the World Health Organization (WHO) provides the first-ever national, regional and global estimates of preterm birth.