Are Infant Simulators a Good Idea for Women?

These infant simulators may be good practice for women who want a little
more experience before having children. Several of my friends are only
children and have no younger cousins. This means that they often have no
experience around babies and toddlers.

Different Ways of Giving Birth

Have you ever given any thought to how you want to give birth? There
are at least five different methods of giving birth and all of them are
used quite often.

When Can You Teach Your Baby to Swim?

It might surprise you to know that children can start learning how to
swim as young as six months old. However, they don’t actually start
swimming until they are about three years old.

Top 5 Toddler Food Choking Hazards

It’s pretty exciting when your toddler begins to eat solid food, but
eating solid foods also comes with new trials like picky eating and
unfortunately, choking hazards.

Top 4 Myths about Dads

Somewhere along the way, dads got labeled as the least competent parent.
Though it’s true there are more single moms than dads, the myth that
dads aren’t as competent as moms needs to be busted.

Inexpensive Daddy-and-Me Toddler Dates

There’s just something special about spending some time with your dad
away from the rest of your siblings and your mom that makes it extra
special. Even from a young age, kids enjoy doing activities with their
fathers, no matter the occasion.