Restless Genital Syndrome (RGS)

Restless genital syndrome (RGS) is a condition which mainly affects women (though also occasionally in men) that is characterized by an unpleasant sensation involving the genital area and pelvis. A woman with RGS experiences sudden, continuous and uncontrolled arousal in her genital region but she does not have a desire or fantasy for sex. RGS has been defined as

Prenatal Testing for Down Syndrome

Around 11-13 weeks of the pregnancy, screening for Down syndrome is usually offered to all pregnant women. The test is known as the "first trimester screen" or nuchal translucency test.

Effect of Timing of Umbilical Cord Clamping

It seems unthinkable to deliberately deprive a newborn baby of 30% to
40% of its blood supply but some delivery experts suggest we do exactly
that when the umbilical cord is severed within a minute of its birth.

Chemical Exposure During Pregnancy

Under normal lifestyle and dietary conditions, the level of exposure of most women to individual environmental chemicals will probably pose minimal risk to the developing fetus/baby.

A very happy day for Dr.Amos

Today is a very happy day for me. I met 4 children of the same family that I delivered. And the mom of 3 of them is going to have another baby today!