Can You Predict Shoulder Dystocia?

The prediction of shoulder dystocia is important because is could prepare the labor & delivery team for a dangerous situation and also it may help in the counseling of pregnant women.

ACOG Updates Guidelines for Breast and Pelvic Exams

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, women have a choice and if they are asymptomatic with no history of health issues related to the breasts or female reproductive system, they do have a choice in the matter of wellness exams.

Too Many Babies Being Born Too Soon

According to the Global Action Report on Preterm Birth, more than 15 million infants are born before their due dates.That translates to about one out of every 10 births. 


I have been feeling pregnant, I had my period May,24th and lasted 7 days, 10 days after my period was over, I started spotting a very light pinkish brown blood with creamy discharge, that lasted fo

Is it Possible I May Still Be Pregnant?

Last month before me and my boyfriends trip he told his entire family
and friends that I was pregnant. I thought I was, and so did he so I
went with the flow. When we returned from our trip the pregnancy tests
were negative.

Carry it with Flair...Boring Diaper Bags Beware

Have you ever noticed that some diaper bags look like a changing table on a strap? Thankfully, the latest trend takes diaper bags out of the changing room and into boutiques, but with practical features, of course. We even found some that are great for dads.