Am i pregnant?

I was ovulating on Sunday Jan 8 and had intercourse that same day roughly around 3:00-3:30 nervous because im not sure if I could be pregnant....only difference im noticing is im

Baby HELP!!!

Ok so i'm new to this. I'm 19 years old and i'm TTC. Well my last period was dec. 16, 2011. My calculations for my fertility days was the 25th-Jan. 2, 2012.

at home insemation

How do you know if your too close the cervix when doing this.  I just want a baby an least expensive way and not have to make several trips to doctors office every month.

implantation bleeding or period

Sun, 10/09/2011 - 18:26 — suprwman31 My husband and i have been tryin to concieve and this month we had sex every fertile day and some.

Possibility of being pregnant

My normal cycle is 23 and takes 5 days.But last month(Sept.)it took 35 days and last 6 days after I took the hysterosalpingogram test and clomid 2 days after my period(Aug.17)and start injecting me

Miscarriage or Implantation Bleeding

I am about 4/5 weeks i had some bleeding in the early morning around 8am when i went to pee. Nothing was on my underwear at all. Had cramping off an on nothing major just mild cramping.

Still optimistic....

After about 6 months of trying, some months more than others, we're kind of taking a break. We won't be using any barriers so it'll still be possible, but we won't be worrying about it too much.

Ms. She

I really pray and want to conceive a healthy baby boy....


Just took an at home test and discovered I'm Pregnant, my husband and I have been trying since July. According to the calendar I keep I am 4 weeks and 5 days!

On board

 So me and my husband of 6 yrs have finally got on the same page about wanting more kids although we have been trying for almost 8 years to have another child it has not happened yet.


Ok so I have an extreme irregular in never had one! My husband is wanting a family and I do also but it takes a lot more to try.

TTC #2

I am 31 yrs old with history of toxemia. Have a 13 yr old son born in 1998 & gave birth to a stillborn baby girl on 8-9-05 at 7 months due to toxemia.


my boyfriend and i had sex and the condom broke,the first day of my little fertile day.he continue to have sex and he pull out when he cum,is there a possibly that i can get pregnant from precum?

It could take a while....

About ten years ago, before I even knew him, my husband had a kidney transplant due to a genetic defect that causes kidney failure (don't ask me the name, my latin isn't so great...).