Moms carry around the kid for nine months and there aren’t many things dads can do to change that and switch roles. When the time comes for the baby to be born however, dads start to play more of an integral role and it begins in the delivery room. Dads have crucial roles to play during delivery and though they’re more of a supporting actor instead of the main attraction, their presence is essential to help their spouse get through the process with their wits intact.

Carrying and Fetching
Remember dads, the big day is not about you. It’s about your wife and your baby, and if that means you have to carry suitcases, blankets, and whatever else, then you have to suck it up and do it for your sake and your wife’s. You’re probably pretty used to the heavy lifting by now since your spouse hasn’t been able to lift anything for a few months, but just in case you need reminding, your wife shouldn’t be carrying anything because she’s already carrying your child.


Obviously your wife will not be in any shape to take pictures and videos of your child’s birth, so that responsibility is yours. However, it’s also your responsibility to get rid of any incriminating photos that depict your wife in poses that are too unflattering. Also, don’t forget that your wife may also need more support, so you can’t be attached to the camera throughout the entire delivery. You may need to hold her hand through the pain or even help her get into position for the birth.


This is not waiting as in being patient. It means that you will be fetching and retrieving anything you wife needs during and after the delivery. It could mean more ice chips, snacks, or whatever else her heart desires. Remember, no amount of discomfort you feel from sitting in those uncomfortable chairs or from being up all night can compare to how your wife feels.

Don’t forget that the delivery room and all the responsibilities that come with being present for the birth of your child will only last a day or so. After that, you will get to go home with your wife and child and new responsibilities as a dad will then be yours. In the delivery room, do everything you can to make your wife comfortable and happy, because soon she will be doing everything she can to make you feel the same way as a dad when you feel overwhelmed.




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