Electronics give off a lot of potentially harmful rays, and scientists have yet to finish researching what effect they might have. For example, there are many studies with contradicting results regarding the potentially cancerous side effects of cell phone use. The reason many of these side effects are unknown is simply because the technology is too new. Laptops are another electronic device with unknown long-term effects. However, research exists that does prove laptops are safe to use while you’re pregnant. The radiation that comes from a laptop is harmless and is the same kind that comes out of your radio or television.

If you have a baby bump, you’ve probably been tempted to use it as a laptop tray while you’re lounging on the couch or in bed. This position is not recommended, but it’s not because of any harmful electromagnetic waves. A recent study tested the fetus after exposure to the electromagnetic forces put out by any laptop, and there were no negative side effects. However, your laptop gets hot while you use it, so you should always avoid putting it directly on your growing baby. Extreme heat has been known to cause serious birth defects, as it hinders the normal growth cycle. So, if you surf the web with your laptop resting on your belly, you won’t cause any damage because of the laptop’s electromagnetic output, but you could harm your baby from the high temperatures of the base.

In addition to high levels of heat that could harm your baby, using your laptop in such a relaxed seated position could hurt your body in the long run. Sitting for a long period of time while pregnant has been linked with blood clots, especially if the pressure is in an unusual spot. You should make sure you practice proper posture when pregnant by putting your laptop on a desk or table and sitting upright in a chair. That way, the heat won’t get to your fetus, and you’ll have less back and arm pain in the long run.

Don’t be afraid to use your laptop while you’re pregnant. It’s a great way to spend time when you’re home alone on maternity leave, and a lot of valuable information can be found on the internet to answer any questions you have. As long as you are using it properly, all laptops are harmless to you and your growing baby.

Source: Nicola Zoppetti et al: Evaluation And Characterization Of Fetal Exposures To Low Frequency Magnetic Fields Generated By Laptop Computers. Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology Volume 107 Issue 3 pp. 456-463 December 2011

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