The Internet is still relatively new, but it is aging a bit and with each passing year, articles that were once thought to be based in fact are now nothing more than incorrect information. I stumbled upon an article from who knows when that listed a few male infertility myths. Some of the myths listed are actually true and other statements in the article are false. Not all websites keep up with current medical information. It is important to only accept advice from trusted websites and authorities on the topic.

Stress Causes Infertility

According to the article I found, stress does not cause infertility, but that is completely untrue. Stress does have a negative impact on fertility, but that impact is still under investigation. Oxidative stress, the kind that involves free radicals, can physically damage fertility. Emotional stress is also thought to play a role in sperm production – both quality and quantity – though it is not thought to be a sole cause.

Smoking and Drinking Cause Male Infertility

It seems science is less clear about this, though there are some studies showing an adverse effect on sperms. Men should support their partners and not drink or smoke so their sperm can keep on moving in the direction of the egg

Cycling Causes Infertility Problems

This myth is not really a myth at all. Experts warn competitive cyclists that intense training and time in the seat can reduce sperm quality. There is no connection between male infertility and cycling in the average man who bikes for regular exercise, however.

Reviewing the Myths

So, myths and facts change all the time in the world of male fertility. Stress can impact fertility, but smoking and drinking not so much and competitive cyclists may want to freeze some swimmers if they want to start a family while competing.

Before taking any advice you read online search for scholarly articles on the topic, which is exactly what I did here. The National Institutes of Health offers a detailed website with research articles more than a decade old. Find the topic of male fertility and read the latest articles – you may be a bit surprised by the medical research results of today.

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