The moment you find out you're expecting you start planning for that final day of pregnancy when baby moves from being mom’s guest to being introduced to the world. You probably packed the labor bag, posted a list of all those important numbers on the refrigerator and practiced driving to the hospital 20 times or more, but having other kids in the house when labor starts can put a halt to all those well thought out plans. Did you remember to figure your other children into the labor day plans?


There will be hitches in your labor day plans. Maybe there is road construction on your path to the hospital or unexpected traffic along the way. Those bumps in the road are something you have to deal with on the fly, but having little ones at home means they need to be part of the labor day plan.

When you’re packing the labor bag, pack a bag for your little one. Of course, if you have more than one little one you will pack more than one bag. Place the kid’s bags in the trunk so you don’t have to worry about finding them on labor day, but leave mom’s bag in the house as she may want to add or change the items in the bag at the last minute.

Keep a short list of relatives or friends willing to meet you at the hospital or birthing center to pick up the children. It’s not that children are not allowed at the hospital, but you have no idea how long labor will be and you’ll need to be with mom most of the time. It’s extremely hard to watch other children in the hospital and be there with mom at the same time.

Many parents choose to have younger children in the labor room during the birthing process, but it can take many hours to reach the point where baby is born. There needs to be a plan for the other children included in the labor day plans and mom has enough to think about so this one is on dad.

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