Sitting in traffic the other day, I noticed a large group of construction workers standing around. Some held the Stop/Slow signs and others were just standing there while a large truck was pouring hot asphalt onto the ground. With all the news about heat affecting sperm production and male fertility, I instantly wondered if these workers were more likely to suffer the same effects simply by working outside in the heat and around extreme heat conditions in the line of work. 

Working Out the DetailsRoad Construction
If the heat from your laptop can affect male fertility, there is little doubt standing over hot asphalt would have the same effect. In a study of the effect of laptop computer heat on scrotal temperature, some reports showed increases of up to five degrees. The effect of working outside in the heat, especially in road jobs and construction jobs would inevitably have the same effect. 

The increased heat affected male fertility by impairing sperm production. A rise of just one to two degrees in scrotal temperatures over normal has impacted sperm production up to 40% in some studies. The effect of standing outside for hours in the heat would cause a rise in temperature of more than one to two degrees. 

How to Reduce the Impact of Outdoor Temperature on Male Fertility
To reduce the effect of higher outdoor temperatures on scrotal temperature, males should wear loose-fitting clothing and boxer shorts. Standing with your legs apart could also reduce overall temperature, but I could not find any clinical studies on the effect of stance on male fertility. 

Outdoor working conditions can be tough on male fertility, especially in situations where scrotal temperature increases significantly. When outdoor temperatures rise significantly, stand in the shade to reduce body temperature, stay hydrated and wear boxer shorts and loose-fitting clothing to reduce scrotal temperature as much as possible. 

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