Researchers are constantly looking for ways to help men who’ve undergone cancer treatment before sperm could be frozen or during the years before puberty. These men have no change of conceiving biological children because the sterility is considered irreversible, according to researchers. But, that may no longer be a problem. Researchers have now found a way to use adult male skin cells to produce sperm. The skin cells are reprogrammed and new sperm have been produced, but not everyone is sold on the idea.

The 12 Stages of Sperm Productioncell
Now, what the story we read failed to mention was the fact that sperm production in a lab setting is limited. The sperm make it through up to 10 stages of growth, but the final two stages cannot be replicated in a lab setting. Sperm grown artificially do not grow fully so they cannot be used for reproduction. There are researchers in California currently attempting to create a replacement testicle that will take sperm through on complete reproductive cycle (70 days) – but this model uses stem cells not skin cells.

What Are People Saying About the Skin Cell Research and Breakthrough?
Not everyone is thrilled with the advancement in fertility research. Some are on the fence about reproductive research at all, claiming that infertility is a natural process of reducing the world’s population growth rate, but others are more focused on the science of the matter. One comment mentioned DNA quality. If the skin cells are used as the source of DNA, will the DNA be as “pure” as it is in the sperm?

We are undoubtedly at a place in science where fertility research is making strides bigger and faster than ever before. Eventually, with advanced technologies, fertility would be possible for every person, every couple – no matter the physical limitations of the body. A single hair or skin prick will be all doctors need to produce DNA-specific sperm for reproduction, but we have a long way to go.

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