In the fast-paced world we have created for ourselves, we don’t have time to stop and smell the roses, let alone use foreplay to evoke natural vaginal lubrication. Instead of spending any amount of time working up to sex, we simply open the drawer beside the bed and pull out a tube of lube. That lube makes things silky smooth and you’re in and out in no time – but is that was sex and conception is supposed to be about? Many couples find they are unable to conceive after months of trying using lube only to conceive quickly and naturally once they leave the lube behind. Store-bought lubrication contains harmful chemicals and synthetic substances that can kill 100-percent of sperm – so what is the best option when you want to conceive?

Lube and Conception – What You Need to Know

The female body is an amazing thing. During ovulation, natural lubrication is excreted that actually helps sperm move to the cervix and into the womb on the trip to the mature egg. Any other time the vagina is a dangerous place full of acid meant to kill sperm.

So, she’s calculated the ideal time to conceive and you get to moving – with lube in hand. But, that lube may, in fact, kill the sperm just as easily as the acidic vaginal environment. Leave the lube in the drawer and take your time in bed for the best chance at conceiving.

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Natural Lubrication Takes Time

There are glands located in the vagina called skenes glands that secrete natural lubrication. While you may think that two minutes of foreplay was enough for natural lubrication, it actually takes a minimum of 20 minutes of foreplay to stimulate natural lubricant production. The skenes glands do not work unless she is sexually aroused – so men have to work for that natural lubrication.

There are tons of reasons why you could be having trouble conceiving, but the worst would have to be the simple things that are overlooked. Natural lubrication is there to help sperm move to the egg so jut slow down and make sure she is ready for intercourse instead of opening that drawer and taking a shortcut that could be causing fertility problems.