There are many different kinds of fertility problems for men, including erectile dysfunction. If the penis will not reach or maintain a full erection, ejaculation may not happen successfully. While working through erectile dysfunction problems men may not be worried about heart health - but maybe they should be.

Young or Old?

You may think because you are a young man facing erectile dysfunction that other health problems don't pertain to you, but that's just not the case. Researchers at the Princeton Consensus Conference revealed that men under the age of 55 who suffer from erectile dysfunction may be at increased risk for heart problems, but the heart problems may not happen right away.

According to the report, early erectile dysfunction could be an early warning sign for heart problems in the future. Erectile dysfunction may be associated with lack of blood flow to the penis. If blood flow is reduced, the penis cannot achieve a full erection. The heart is responsible, on some level, for blood flow to the penis. If the heart has trouble pushing enough blood to the penis before the age of 55, the problem could grow worse later in life resulting in impaired hear health.

What Should Men Do?

The experts who presented at the conference claimed testing is the best way to pinpoint heart problems early for treatment. This is especially important for men who are still facing erectile dysfunction as a heart condition could be an underlying cause. However, even if erectile dysfunction is no longer a problem, heart function could be silently impaired and the problem could be treatable with early detection.

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