Hello I am 35 and have sufferred 4 miscarriages. My last miscarrage was in dec of 2008. I am now rready to try again. My period began on Jan 10th. I noticed the thin clear discharge on Jan 23rd. I had sex that night, the night after and two days after that. last week on Jan 28 I was so very nauseated had dry heaves all day. the nausea disappeared the next day. on Feb 4th extremely bad lower, mid back and lower abdominal cramps began and have not let up. the cramps are constant and keeps me from sleeping at night. no bleeding though. I believe my period was due again on Feb 6th. I took a preg test on the 6th and again on yesterday and they were negative. the pregnancy tests were cheap from the 99cents store. So I don't know if I could be pregnant or not. These cramps are unbearable and are primarily in my back. need help. thanks to anyone willing to respond.