Most moms to be are anxious to see what the little one looks like and can hardly wait for the first sonogram performed between the 18th and 20th week of pregnancy. But for certain people like me, just knowing that everything is well is more important. Fortunately, after going through IVF, the time comes much sooner for the first sonogram as it’s essential that the doctors check early on to find out whether everything went well with the treatment.

So after the long awaited 6 weeks (4 weeks after I had my embryo transfer), we went to the doctor to find out if all was going well. I was a nervous wreck as we had been through 2 failed and an abandoned cycle before. When the doctor started the scan I just closed my eyes and kept praying that we get a heartbeat. All of a sudden, the room filled with the loud thud, thud, thud of the baby’s heartbeat! I couldn’t believe that I was actually hearing my baby’s heart beating for the first time!

The doctor told me that I had 1 baby with a healthy heartbeat, although they had transferred 2 embryos. The relief and happiness I felt was insurmountable! What a relief to know that after going through so much, we actually were going to have a baby!

The doctor then proceeded to show us the teeny tiny little baby and I was ecstatic to see the tiny fleck on the screen! I don't remember being as happy as that moment and was transfixed by the little miracle growing inside me!

Although the anxiety levels were high when we went to get the first sonogram, the excitement and joy I felt after seeing the little munchkin is all I remember now that I think about it. The picture of the sonogram (although little more than a blurb), which the doctor gave us went up on the refrigerator the minute I walked into my house. It stayed there throughout my pregnancy and was later joined by clearer sonogram pictures to remind me of the happiest moment of my life.

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