hi! and thank u for taking the time to read this! on nov. 4th i found out i was 6 weeks pregnant. i was so excited this pregnancy got my and my fiance closer together in just 5 days. why do i say 5days?? on nov.8th i woke up and headed to the bathroom. i wiped and say pink i got scared and started crying and i rushed to the hospital. drs did an ultrasound and didn see nothing not even a heard beat so they did a vaginal ultrasound i didnt understand anything they didn tell me anything but go home and rest! that same day i got home and tried to sleep. but i had really bad cramping i rush to the bathroom and i had huge blood clots and a white gray tissue that day i cried myself to sleep...the next day i had a drs apt  i gave my dr my paper work from the hospital she explain that they only seen the yog sac & that  the egg didn attach no anything it was just there. also my hcg was at 512 when it had to be much higher she recommended to have my hcg check so  nov 11th i went back to the drs and she said my hcg had droped to 212 she made me another appt but i couldnt make it. i am trying to get pregnant again and i knoe i can only ovulate ones hcg drops to 5 or less after bleeding stopped  we tried again and now im waiting to see if it happen. could i get pregnant this fast?? it is dec 5th i should be getting my period this week and i have a drs appt dec 12!! how does unfertilized egg happen??? how soon can i get pregnant?? how do i really knoe when i ovulate?? help plzz and thank u