Hi everyone, to get to the point  i have been ttc since january and have had no luck...i dont know what we are doing wrong we have read so much stuff to getting pregnant and still nothing. i had brownish pink spotting on the 3rd of october and it lasted for about a week or so and then turned a little redder but it was never like a period, it was only there when i wiped. and it didnt seem to turn red until after we had intercourse again..so i dont know if it was because of that or it was just a weird light period..but my periods are normally heavier and last only 6 days. my last period before whatever this is was on september 3rd. if anyone knows what this could be it would be helpful. no i havent taken a preg test yet(im scared it will so neg) i took one about a week before the spotting began and it was neg, i have a appointment to see a doctor on the 16 of nov but its just so long away...any help would be great thanks