So, I'm new to this site...My husband and I have been TTC since Dec. 2009.  Two months ago my doctor decided to run some tests...checked my thyroid, hormone level, progesterone, etc.  Everything came back normal except for my progesterone level.  It was LOW! (3.8) So, she said to come back on CD21 and she will check it again.  Well, guess what, it was LOW again!! So, she decided to put me on Clomid.  I can't start the Clomid til day 5-9...but I'm confused on when day 5 is..My AF is supposed to start 10/7 but I've been spotting since 9/30.  Wonder what it could be?  The doctor says everything is normal that it's probably just stress...I don't think that's what it is. So, I guess we will wait until AF shows up and start my first round of Clomid!

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