Okay so I am new to the boards but not new to trying to get pregnant. I already have two beautiful children and am truely blessed. I did not have trouble concieving my son or daughter. My son I concieved in 6 months and my daughter I concieved within 4 months of trying. So my hubby and I decided we would try for one more and look into permanent birth control options and here we are 15 months later and no luck. So I have been charting and tried a few months of clomid, but with no luck and horrible side effects decided upon going natural again.  So to come to my point about being worried...lol. My hubby and I have been actively trying until mid way through this month. I started expeirencing some digestive scary problems and upon going to the doctor the decided an MRI will be the best course of action even though I told them their was a slight possibilty although I have been having difficulties I did not want to put a risk if I am. So I am playing the 2 ww game and am nervous...so I hoped to come here for support. If I am not pregnant I am going to take off a month or two until I can become healthy to start trying again.   I think I have a few days left before i know for sure. So ladies I hope you might have some thoughts on my chart. :) It doesn't look to good to me, but then again I am no expert on these things.

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