"your eggs are older than you are" said the nice lady in the Vancouver fertility clinic.

I'm 35 (and 1/2 :P) and my husband is 39.

This is month 6 of TTC and apparenty the month we are considered "infertile" We are from Vancouver and been together for 4 1/2 years - yes it took him that long to pop the question! hehe Anyway.

If AF comes this month (currently this is CD25 today) then we are going to go through some tests to see if we need "extra" help TTC.

I had a temp dip in my chart the other day snd 2 days of "the runs" when ever I had something to eat I ran to the toilet. I'm hoping this was implantation but I was in Hawaii on holiday so it could have been "bad water" or more likely "bad Ice Cream!" So i'm thinking of getting this overwith and taking a pregnancy test tomorrow morning on CD 26.

My husband is away in LA on business so mostly its boredom..I may wait especially if my tem drops in the morning.

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