You’re feeling like a rebel and you want to get your lip pierced or maybe you already have piercings and you want to add another to the collection – BUT you’re pregnant. Being pregnant means giving up smoking and drinking and choosing foods that are healthy and packed with fantastic whole nutrition. It does not mean, however, that you have to give up that piercing you want. According to the American Pregnancy Association, getting a body piercing during pregnancy is just fine as long as you use common sense. 


Where, When and How – The Basics of Body Piercings During Pregnancy

Where – Most places on the body are completely acceptable piercing locations, but there are a few you should avoid. Don’t have your breast, belly or genitalia pierced. These are all areas that change dramatically during pregnancy. Damage could occur to the skin at or around the piercing site during pregnancy or delivery. 

When – There is no time limit on when you can have your body pierced, but the earlier in the pregnancy the better. You’ll need to care for the piercing location for up to 12 weeks and if you have a newborn to care for you may forget your piercing care and the site could get infected. 

How – Look for a body piercer with a good reputation and extremely clean work area. All tools used for piercing should be cleaned and sterilized after each use. Piercing needles should come out of a sealed package in front of the customer to ensure safety. The body piercer needs to wear gloves and clean the piercing site before piercing the skin. Any bandages, including gauze, should come from a sterile, factory-sealed pouch or package. 

There are plenty of women who have their ears pierced during pregnancy – body piercing is no different. Taking care of the wound is crucial to healing the area and choosing the right location could save you a lot of pain along the way. Remember, if you have to have a C-section the doctor may require you to remove all jewelry so pierce early so the site can heal before you deliver. 

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