You may have noticed some gentle looks of sadness coming from your husband from the moment you started breastfeeding. Though many husbands fail to admit it, they sometimes feel lost by the idea that they have no part in the feeding process. For the first few months of life, feedings are the times when mom bonds with baby and if breastfeeding is the sole source of nutrition for baby, dad can be left out of the bonding process. There are creative ways dad can be a part of breastfeeding, bringing him into the close circle of bonding. 

Couch FeedingBreastfeeding
Have your husband sit on the couch with one leg stretched out over the cushions and the other on the floor. Sit in the open spot with baby in your arms. Move baby to the breastfeeding position. Allow dad to wrap his arms around your body and hold baby in place. He may need a little help at first to keep the right position, but over time he will get the hang of it. 

Bed Feeding
Bed feeding is common at night. Mom can lay propped up and move baby into the feeding position. Have your husband spoon your body and wrap his arms around you and baby. He may not be able to hold baby in position from this angle, but he can be a part of the breastfeeding experience. 

Become an Expert in Care Outside of Breastfeeding
Dads may not be able to physically breastfeed, but they can take pressure off mom by handling other baby care. Take control of bathing, changing baby’s sheets and diapers when possible. Cook dinner or get up in the middle of the night to bring baby to mom so she doesn’t have to always be the one handling all of the overnight care. 

Your husband wants to be a part of the breastfeeding process; probably more than he is willing to admit, but he can’t physically breastfeed so finding alternatives like couch feeding and bed feeding are simple ways to help him feel more a part of the bonding mom and baby share.