I finally gave up smoking after nearly 20 years of putting my body through the turmoil of thousands of chemicals every day. I gave up smoking with the help of vaping or e-cigarettes, as they are sometimes called. As I look back I remember having a cigarette once in a while during my pregnancies. No matter how much the doctor told me to quit, I was addicted to those chemicals so you might as well have told me to stop taking crack of heroine. Today, as I am vaping away while doing a little writing, I wonder if vaping is healthier than smoking – and the answer is yes, but not with nicotine.


The Freedom from Cigarette Smoke with 0mg Nicotine Juice

Many varieties of e-cigarettes allow the user to refill cartridges or tanks with liquid nicotine. Nicotine can have some negative side effects on a pregnant woman, such as increased heart rate, stimulation of the central nervous system and diarrhea when consumed in large quantities. These are not things a pregnant woman wants to deal with every day, but there are e-liquids or nicotine juices with 0mg of nicotine. Essentially, these juices are flavored liquids that allow the user to feel like they are smoking without any of the negative side effects. The 0mg nicotine liquids are available in traditional cigarette flavors, which could make it even easier to quit smoking. 

What Does Science Have to Say About Vaping During Pregnancy?

There are no clinical studies on vaping 0mg nicotine liquids during pregnancy. That’s because the whole e-cigarette revolution is just now taking off. The FDA does not control e-liquids as stringently as it may in the future – so right now you just have to be 18 years of age to purchase anything that can be used to vape, but they’ve not released studies on the possible ill effects of vaping and when they do, there is very little chance they will investigate the 0mg liquids at all. 

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