Penelope Cruz Second Pregnancy

When Penelope Cruz started dating long-time friend Javier Bardem in 2007, she knew she wanted to have children one day. Earlier that year she’d discussed adopting children, but that wouldn’t be necessary. By 2010, Cruz was pregnant with her first child and soon after she tied the knot in an intimate ceremony with Bardem. Their son was born in January 2011 and Cruz was instantly changed. Motherhood was exactly what Cruz thought it would be a more. The couple didn’t wait long to expand the family. In February 2013, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem announced they were pregnant with baby number two. 

No details about the pregnancy or expected due date have been released. The couple may have kept the pregnancy under wrap a bit longer if it hadn’t been for Cruz’s nomination for Best Leading Actress at the 2013 Goya Awards. The awards show is held in Spain and Cruz announced she would not be attending. Soon after, her publicist announced she was pregnant with baby number two.

Cruz, 38, is like many Hollywood actresses in that she waited until her career was established and successful before starting a family. Many Hollywood actresses wait well beyond 35 to attempt to conceive and when natural conception fails they turn to fertility treatments, IVF and other similar procedures. There are no reports that Cruz and Bardem sought out fertility treatments of any kind, though Cruz was photographed in January 2013 wearing acupuncture beads in her left ear. Experts claim the beads were placed to relieve the stress associated with a busy lifestyle.

There’s been no indication of how many children Bardem and Cruz want to have together, but they do plan on keeping their children safe from the spotlight of Hollywood. Cruz was quoted in an article published in the Daily Mail UK online as saying, “The fact that [our kids] father and I have chosen to do the work we do doesn’t give anybody the right to invade our privacy.”

Javier and Penelope each have independent careers, but they’ve managed to bring their love together on-screen in the movie “The Counselor” due out this year. The couple will be starring alongside Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt in the film.

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