Father's Day Activities in the BedroomInstead of focusing all your energy on celebrating Father’s Day from a kid’s perspective, celebrate how he became a dad in the first place. Spice up the bedroom with a little love-based rest and relaxation this Father's Day. Here are five ways to make your man's dreams come true.

  1. Cover him with love treats: Write down 10, 15, 20 or more love treats and throw them all in a bag. Make the treats small like a kiss wherever or a touch in just the right spot. He gets to pick out the treats one-by-one and you get to bathe him in lovely bits of attention.
  2. Give him a fantasy night: Have you been reluctant to go along with a fantasy he’s been talking about for a while? Father’s Day is just the right time to live out that fantasy. Ask him all the details about his perfect sex-filled night and make it come true. If there are parts of the fantasy you’re not willing to go along with, that’s okay, just do the best you can and work up to making the entire fantasy a reality next year. 
  3. Fantasy game night: Ask him to write down the numbers one to six in two columns on a piece of paper (one column of one to six then a second column of one to six). Beside the first six numbers ask him to list a body part. Beside the second six numbers ask him to write down sex-based actions like stroke, blow, kiss, etc. Using two different colored dice, roll the night away giving him just what fate has in store. 
  4. Send the kids away for a daddy day: We often forget that dads are around. We see them behind the screams for mommy and the birthday parties, school events, and work schedules, but we don’t always see them for what they are worth and what they need. This Father’s Day, send the kids to the grandparents' house and show him how much he really means to you.

Sex and Father’s Day may not go hand-in-hand in your world, but how do you think the kids got here to begin with? Give him the attention he deserves this holiday with a day spent bathing him in sweet, undivided attention. You’ll be so happy you did.