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Good morning. I recently found out I'm pregnant. I had my LMP on 14th April 2018. I have irregular periods, which I see about every 21 days( not always 21, sometimes less).They usually last for 5 days. I used the online conception calculator and it has my possible conception date from the 16th April to the 21st April,(the 21st April is also my ovulation date.) I just would like to know my possible date of conception please.


The calculator gave you a range from 4-16 to 4/21. Those are your conception dates.

Thank you, very much!!

Another question. My conception dates were from 4/16/2018 - 4/21/2018, as told from this online conception calculator. They were my best possible chances to get pregnant? If I had sex after that, maybe 3-4 days later, can it be possible to get pregnant then?

Also, I took my first ultrasound today and it has me at 9 weeks and 5 days. But if I calculate backwards, that puts me at the second day of my period. Which was 4/15/2018. Can the ultrasound be off a few days? Seeing that I didn't finish my period until 4/18/2018 and ovulated until 4/21/2018?

Both ultrasound and calculations can be off by 7-10 days. You doctor can best estimate how far along you are.

Thank you so much doc!!