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Need Advice

I have just found out I was pregnant which is something I have been wanting for ever but the problem is I only had my Measles, mumps and rubella shot done at the finish of my last period and was told to wait until after my next period to fall pregnant. I need advice as to whether I can continue on with this pregnancy and what the possible effects to the baby can be.



Hey there, while it is recommended to wait after getting the shots for atleast 28 days, hopefully it wont effect the child. In very rare cases, a person who receives the measles vaccine will develop the illness. However, there is information on a large number of pregnancies where a woman received the Measle,mumps and rubella vaccine during pregnancy. They did not have pregnancy complications and there was no increased rate of birth defects either so probably you are good to go. Congratulations on being a soon to be mother and good luck!