Pregnancy symptoms!?

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Pregnancy symptoms!?

Hi, my period is only 1 day late, but 2 and a half weeks ago I had a shorter period, that was heavy to start but after 2 days it was crazy light and lasted a couple more days. During this I experienced rare but severe nausea, though no throwing up. Now I can barely stay awake for a full day, my mood is all over the place, my left nipple is sooo sensitive ( it’s pierced), and my head is so so itchy! I also experienced a long cramp in my lower abdomen yesterday

Though I’ve taken 2 tests now that we’re both negative. Could I just be stressing? Or should I take another test?


Forgot to mention, I’ve also suddenly got loads of spots all up my thighs? And I’ve never had more than maybe 3 spots at a time in my life