what are the chances im the father?

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what are the chances im the father?

Hello All,
I am wondering if you can help deduce if i am the father or not with the limited information that is available. The situation is, my now ex partner wont do a paternity test and i just need to know the chances if the baby is mine so i may need to be prepared later in time.

So her last menstural period ended was Feb4 2018. She had her first ultrasound(not sure if intravaginal) on mar27 (6 weeks and 4 days)which dated her conception date to Feb 9 or 10 which she can confirm she slept with somebody else who ejaculated inside her.(isnt earliest ovulation 10 days?)

Come May 4th, she has her second ultrasound which dates her(i think conception date) to 12 weeks and 6 days which dates it back to Feb3.

The dates i have had intercourse with her are feb1, feb4(ejaculated inside) and feb 6 and feb 11 and feb 18 all with the pull out method and possible pre-ejaculate inside.

on feb 20 she was sick and i assume from weakened immune system.
So what are the chances im the father?



This is a common question. The only way to confirm or excluse paternity is to do a paternity test. This can be done as early as 9-10 weeks of a pregnancy and requires that the mother's blood and the father are being tested.

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