Skin changes during pregnancy are common. All the hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy can change the look, feel and moisture level of a pregnant woman’s skin. These changes can cause skin sensitivity which can lead to skin irritability and different responses to normal skin care products. Subsequently, experiencing an increase in facial pimples or acne during pregnancy is a reality many pregnant women are forced to face.

Traditional chemical treatments for facial pimples and acne may not be approved for use during pregnancy. Most of these treatments can be drying and leave the skin even more irritated than before the treatment. Facial pimples and acne are caused by a blocking of the pore with old, dry skin. This is the case for women who are and are not pregnant. Facial pimples and acne may be more prominent during pregnancy due to the fact that facial skin can become drier. During pregnancy, a woman can experience a decrease in oil production on their face. While this may sound positive, oil on the skin actually prevents acne from occurring.

Facial pimples and acne should be treated naturally during pregnancy with a gentle facial wash and fragrance-free lotion made specifically for sensitive facial skin. If you continue to have skin problems that cause you distress, contact a dermatologist.