Sex is at the heart of trying to conceive (TTC). It is not uncommon for couples to have sex multiple times a week or even multiple times a day, in an effort to conceive. However, the longer a couple tries to conceive, the more planned and tedious sex can become. Having sex when fertility is optimal gives a couple the best opportunity at conception, but planning sex quickly takes the fun out of intimacy leaving a couple feeling like they have to have sex. Bringing desire and longing back into the relationship is crucial for couples TTC, especially when efforts have failed in the past. Role-playing can give couples an out that is full of intimacy and lust – two things often missing when TTC.

Having Trouble Choosing a Role

Role-playing can be an exciting way to spice up your sex life, but how do you choose the scenario without feeling corny about the situation? There are a few tried and true role-playing scenarios any couple can use to add a little heat to sex.


He dresses in an old pair of jeans and a work shirt. She dresses in a frilly, flirty nightgown or dress. With toolbox in hand, he rings the doorbell and she answers the door ushering the repairman into the room where “repairs” are needed. The longer you play out the roles, the more heat will be generated.

Call Girl

Women can take charge of the situation when they are being paid for sex. Keep with the basic rules of being a call girl – wear as little clothing as legal, never kiss on the mouth and make him pay up before any services are rendered.

The Dom

Dominating your partner does not have to mean invoking pain. This roleplay is one of the most intimate a couple can try. Place headphones over your partner’s ears with erotic music playing just loud enough to block out any other sound. Tie him up to the bed and cover his eyes so he can see nothing. In this position, he has no idea where you are, what you are about to do or where you will take the role-playing adventure.

Role-playing is erotic, sensual and fun – just want a couple TTC needs in a relationship. Couples will have to try out a few scenarios before they find one they love and that works for their relationship. Some couples thrive on the stranger roles and others prefer a more erotic, hardcore approach to role-playing.