Turtle - Sex Position

    The Turtle is a sexual position derived from Doggy Style. The female starts on all fours. She then sits her bottom on her legs and wraps her arms around her knees. The male partner penetrates the vagina from behind sitting upright on his knees. The female’s face is lying on the floor.

    Pros of the Turtle Sexual Position – The rear-entry position is comfortable for couples who has size problems, man being larger than average.

    Cons of the Turtle Sexual Position – Not all women will be able to crouch in this position fully, which could leave the position as more of a Turtle / Doggy Style hybrid. There is also the problem of staying crouched for an extended period of time. Men may find the position uncomfortable if the floor is abrasive, causing friction on the knees. Women with a short stature may not sit high enough for easy vaginal penetration.

    Tips for the Turtle Sexual Position – Women can place a pillow on the knees for the chest to rest on. This way she can assume the Turtle position without pressure on the lower back. Men can also use pillows to stop friction between the floor and knees. Arms can be moved from under the knees to across the chest.

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