The super-woman sex position is a bit more extreme than other sexual positions. The female must place her hands on a sofa or chair. The male approaches her from behind and squat down to pick up the female’s legs. The male must then move his hands to the hips of the female walking toward her for ideal penetration.

Pros of the Super-Woman Sexual Position

For couples who are looking for something a bit different, the super-woman allows the male partner complete control. The rear entry mode of sexual intercourse tends to allow for deeper penetration.

Cons of the Super-Woman Sexual Position

The female must hold all of her weight on her arms during movement. Depending on her level of strength and the force of penetration, this could be painful or uncomfortable for an extended length of time. If the female partner has arm or wrist pain, this position could aggravate that pain. Males who are taller may have trouble holding the female in a comfortable position for long.

Tips for the Super-Woman Sexual Position


Some couples find lying on the floor makes this position a bit easier. The female can support most of her weight on her arms, as opposed to the hands and wrists. The abdomen can also touch the floor or bed, supporting her weight. Men will need to approach the female on his knees if she will be lying down for the super-woman.

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