Q: Coffee and pregnancy: I drink 2-3 cups of coffee each day. Can I continue this during pregnancy?

A: Moderate amounts of caffeine (300-400 milligrams [mg]) have not been conclusively shown to harm mother or baby during pregnancy. However, a study published in January 2008 concludes that an intake of 200 milligrams or more per day, representing two or more cups, "significantly increases the risk of miscarriage."
Coffee and pregnancy
Most researchers say that drinking too much coffee may contribute to the risk of low birth weight babies, and all agree that caffeine in large amounts is risky.

Some studies have linked certain pregnancy complications such as miscarriage, low birth weight, and birth defects such as cleft palate to large amounts of caffeine. That's about what you'd get in two to three cups of coffee or about seven cans of cola. But there may be some cups of coffee that could contain up to 550 mg of caffeine. Read here for a list of beverages and the amount of caffeine they contain.

Even though less than 300 mg of caffeine has not been shown to negatively affect pregnancy, many women limit or cut out caffeine anyway while trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy.