More Fertile-Focus Q&As

Q. How is FERTILE-FOCUS® different from other products on the market?

A. The FERTILE-FOCUS is non-invasive, has no side effects, no chemicals, very discrete and is easy to use. It is also proven to be the most accurate form of ovulation predictors. Additionally, it is important to remember that lifestyle pattern changes do not affect the results of the FERTILE-FOCUS. If, for example, your sleep cycle or stress level is altered, this will have no affect on the FERTILE-FOCUS’s accuracy.

Q. How do I know if I’m reading the results correctly?

A. As long as you remember to focus the microscope, the results will be clear. If you begin to see "lines" forming instead of dots, you are edging towards your fertile period. The best way to insure an accurate reading is to start testing yourself right after you finish menstruating. If you test yourself everyday for a month, you will become very familiar with your own saliva patterns and how they change during your cycle. Once you see your own "fern" pattern develop, you will always be able to read the results accurately.

Q. Is there an optimal time of day to use FERTILE-FOCUS®?

A. You can use the FERTILE-FOCUS anytime. However, if you use it first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth or eating, you will be sure that there will be no false positives. If you use the FERTILE-FOCUS at other times during the day, you should try not to drink or smoke 1-2 hours before use.

Q. Aren’t the more complicated ovulation testers more accurate?

A. In the case of ovulation testing, increased difficulty doesn’t mean increased accuracy. As a matter of fact, urine-based kits can be problematic for women with longer cycles. Fertility cycles average 28 days but they can be as short as 23 days or as long as 40 days.

Generally, urine-based predictors are sold in five-day packages. Women with longer cycles may find it necessary to test for more than five days to find their peak fertility time. With urine-based tests, you have to buy an additional package and run the risk of missing your peak time entirely. The Basal thermometer method also has its problems. It must be used at a regular, specific times each morning, and throughout each and every day and a change in a woman’s sleep patterns can produce irregular results. The FERTILE-FOCUS is as effective, if not more effective, than any testing product available (and 98% accurate).

Q. What is the best way to clean FERTILE-FOCUS® before the next use?

A. Simply wipe the glass "lens" slide with rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip or an alcohol wipe on a lint free cloth.

Q. Can FERTILE-FOCUS® help prevent pregnancy?

A. The FERTILE-FOCUS is not sold as a form of contraception in the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /?>United States.

Q. Can I use FERTILE-FOCUS® while I’m using birth control?

A. The FERTILE-FOCUS can be used with any barrier method of birth control such as condoms and diaphragms. However any method of birth control that affects your hormones, such as birth control pills and patches, will cause false or irregular test results.

Q. Has FERTILE-FOCUS® been tested by scientists?

A. The FERTILE-FOCUS originally underwent testing, in 1992, at Clinica Ostetrica e Ginecologica, Università . The study used the FERTILE-FOCUS in 328 women testing and found FERTILE-FOCUS to be 98% accurate. In addition, a current clinical test of the FERTILE-FOCUS is being conducted in the United States.

Q. What type of emotional advantage(s) does FERTILE-FOCUS® have?

A. The FERTILE-FOCUS is the first device of its kind to finally give YOU and your partner, control of those emotional roller coaster rides. In today’s world of uncertainty, spousal pressures and the desire to create the most beautiful flower of nature, anxieties run so high that even your doctor can’t soothe them. Now, you and your partner can be relieved from making an intimate romantic moment into a high-pressured performance.

Q. Will it help women who have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

A. The Fertile-Focus is an ovulation predictor test. The test will aid in timing of intercourse around your ovulation period. However, many patients with PCOS do not ovulate spontaneously and need to use medications (re: clomid) to help in this process. The advantage of the Fertile-Focus over other tests is that it can be used daily to look for ovulation at no additional cost. This fact is extremely helpful in patient's with PCOS.

Q. Will The Fertile-Focus work for me even though I have to take medication to menstruate?

A. If you need to take provera to have your period, this indicates that you are not ovulating. The Fertile-Focus is an ovulation predictor test. If you are not ovulating the test will be negative.

Q. What does a saliva sample look like once a woman is pregnant? Does it show ferning continuously or does ferning go away?

A. Basically, once a woman becomes pregnant , the estrogen level will decrease and progesterone will increase which in turn will cause the ferning pattern to disappear.