allergies-and-pregnancy.jpgSuffering from allergies during pregnancy is never a fun experience. Not only do you have all the pregnancy related aches and pains, but your nose feels like someone stuffed it with cotton and you’re constantly sneezing. Some allergy medications are considered safe for use during pregnancy, but it’s always the best idea to talk with your obstetrician before taking any medication – either over the counter or prescription. Medications are categorized based upon safety during pregnancy and your obstetrician will be able to talk with you about the categories and which medications are best for your symptoms.

Allergy Medications Approved for Use During Pregnancy

When it comes to choosing allergy medications that are safe for use during pregnancy, you are looking for an ingredient not necessarily a name brand. The allergy medications considered safe for use during pregnancy include:


If you are unfamiliar with these allergy medication ingredients, take a look at the ingredient label of name brand allergy medications like Benadryl, Alavert and Claritin.

Reliving Allergy Symptoms Naturally

Even if you are given the go-ahead to take over the counter allergy medication during pregnancy, you may still suffer some mild allergy symptoms. Try some natural methods of reducing allergy symptoms that are safe for use in addition to allergy medications.

  • Stay away from the cause of your allergy. Staying inside during the height of allergy season may not seem like the ideal choice, but if it means avoiding pollen and other outdoor allergens, you may consider spending more time indoors.
  • Stock up on saline spray. Saline spray is nothing more than salt water. You can use saline spray during pregnancy to loosen nasal congestion in addition to taking allergy medications. 
  • Try to move a little more during the day. Believe it or not, exercise is a great natural treatment for nasal congestion and stuffiness. Make sure to talk with your obstetrician about exercising during pregnancy before choosing a new activity as not all exercise is safe during pregnancy.

Allergy symptoms during pregnancy are common and some allergy medications are completely safe for use during pregnancy. However, you need to talk with your physician before taking allergy medications or any other medication while pregnant. There are over the counter and prescription medications associated with negative side effects and fetal harm, so don’t take anything unless your doctor knows and you’ve discussed the medication safety.