can i have coffee in pregnancy

Does coffee increase my risk of having a miscarriage?

Caffeine may increase your risk of having a miscarriage, especially if you have over 2 cups of coffee a day. A study published in January 2008 concludes that an intake of 200 milligrams or more per day, representing two or more cups, "significantly increases the risk of miscarriage." Currently available evidence suggests that it may be prudent for pregnant women to limit coffee consumption to 2 cups/day (no more than 200 mg/day of caffeine) to exclude any increased probability of spontaneous abortion or impaired fetal growth.   

Another recent study also found a link between coffee intake during pregnancy and miscarriage. It appears that the more coffee you drink during the early stages of pregnancy, the higher your risk of suffering from a miscarriage becomes.

Danish researchers from the University of Aarhus polled over 88,000 women to find out about coffee intake during pregnancy. The majority of these women consumed no coffee during pregnancy, however, those that did reported increased risks of miscarriage. Women who consume more than eight cups of coffee a day appear to be at the highest risk, illustrating a 59% increase in the rate of miscarriage. Researchers are still unsure why coffee appears to affect the risk of miscarriage.

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