Pregnancy has it's own challenges and you want to do everything right for the baby. But how do you know what's right or wrong when everybody tells you something different?

Myths and presumptions about pregnancy are rampant. A myth is a belief that persists despite contradicting evidence, while presumptions exists in the absence of supporting scientific evidence.  

Avoiding spicy foods Can eating spicy foods in pregnancy induce labor?
Baby's heart rate and sex of the baby There is no correlation between the baby's heart rate and it's gender
Can pregnancy happen if?
There are many circumstances under which pregnancy can happen
Day getting pregnant
Only one day a month?
Eating myths and pregnancy
There are many eating myths in pregnancy and most are not true
 In the uterus or not?
Dry or smooth
Heartburn and Baby's Hair
Does a lot of heartburn mean that the baby will have a lot of hair?
How you carry  What will it be
 Are women usually the responsible part?
Labor during certain weather
 A full moon or bad weather do not increase your chances going into labor
Miscarriage - Myths of Cause
 Myths about cause of miscarriages
Morning Sickness
 and other complaints
Morning Sickness
Boy or girl? 
Morning sickness and baby's gender
 There is little relationship between morning sickness and the baby's sex gender
Normal Menstrual Cycle
 Only 28 days?
Orgasm and baby's gender
Does her orgasm change the baby's gender?  
Orgasm and Pregnancy
Do I need to have an orgasm to get pregnant? 
 Always on CD 14? 
 Day of drop or day of rise of temperature?
 Ovulation more than once
 Any time during the cycle?
 Position of sex and baby's gender
 The position during sex is unlikely to determine the baby's sex gender
Pregnant During My Period
 Can it happen? 
Raising Hands Above Head
Can it hurt the fetus?
Right side-left side
Do boys and girls develop on a different side of the uterus?
Sex and exercise can harm the baby?
Sex and exercise are safe in pregnancy
Sleeping on your back during pregnancy
As long as you feel fine it's OK to sleep on your back in pregnancy
Does it delay my period?
Taking a bath during pregnancy
It is safe to take a bath during pregnancy
The Drano test to predict the baby's gender
Mixing drano with urine does not only not detect the baby's sex but it's also very dangerous
Touch a cat in pregnancy
It's safe to touch a cat, but always wash your hands
Wedding Ring Test
Boy or Girl
Woman's Orgasm
Can it lead to ovulation?
 Women's Fertility
 Fertile all the time?
X-Rays in pregnancy
Diagnostic X-Rays are Safe in Pregnancy