Backaches and Back Pain During Pregnancy

    Many women suffer from backaches during pregnancy. The majority of these backaches are associated with the weight of the fetus on the lower back. As the fetus grows larger, the extra weight on the front of the body is often too much for the lower back muscles to handle. The results are pregnancy induced backaches. While these backaches during pregnancy are common, they should not be ignored. Lower back pain during pregnancy can also be a sign of labor.


    Preventing Backaches During Pregnancy

    There are several ways to preventing the worst of the backaches during pregnancy. All of these remedies are associated with removing the additional burden from the lower back. The most common treatments prescribed are belly straps, propping up the legs and total body rest.

    Belly straps are used during pregnancy to redistribute the weight of the fetus onto a larger muscle area of the body. The weight of the fetus is often concentrated on the front of the body. This additional pressure is what causes the backaches during pregnancy in the first place. If the back muscles are not strong enough to handle the extra weight, they bow under the pressure and this causes the strain felt in the lower back or the backaches during pregnancy. The belly strap laces around the back of the body and under the growing tummy. This strap lifts the weight of the belly and evenly distributes it to places other than the lower back.

    Propping up the legs is one of the most effective ways to stop backaches during pregnancy. This is due to the total alleviation of the extra weight on the lower back. The pregnant women needs to prevent varicose veins as well as backaches during pregnancy and propping up the legs for 15 minutes once an hour can help to prevent both pregnancy symptoms.

    Total body rest is essential to the health of both mom and the unborn fetus. Taking frequent naps during the day is a great way to renew the body's resources and relieve the pain of backaches during pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, the expectant mother should lie on her right side to prevent additional pressure on the liver and increase circulation in the body.

    When Are Backaches During Pregnancy Important?

    As the final weeks of the pregnancy approach, the pregnant mom needs to be exceptionally in tune with the backaches she has been experiencing. Lower back pain is one of the main signs of impending labor. These backaches during pregnancy often present with other symptoms such as cramping and a feeling of pressure in the vagina.

    There is little chance that a pregnant woman will completely stop backaches during pregnancy. There is no reason, however, to suffer from these backaches on a daily basis when the belly strap, leg rest and total body stress are all very helpful solutions to alleviating the pressure on the lower back. By the end of the pregnancy, the lower back pain will often be associated with the birth of the fetus and mom will not mind that pain so much.