If you are pregnant then a home urine pregnancy test usually become positive within a couple of days after a missed menstrual period. If it's negative at that time then you may need to wait for at least two weeks after your missed period before you can depend on a negative result.

Negative Pregnancy Test and STILL Pregnant?

In some cases, low levels of hCG in early pregnancy are not high enough to register as positive, and you could get a false negative result.

No matter how hard you try and try interpreting body changes as signs of pregnancy, you will need a positive pregnancy test to confirm that you are pregnant. You are NOT pregnant until the pregnancy test is positive.

A pregnancy test checks for the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin in your body. hCG is a hormone made by the placenta and when you become pregnant, it takes some time for hCG levels to be high enough to be detected.

There are two pregnancy tests:

  1. A blood pregnancy test: Usually positive 3-4 days before the next period
  2. A urine or home pregnancy test (HPT): Usually positive when you miss your period
Test Results of the HPT Urine Pregnancy Test
  • A positive HPT test means that enough hCG is found: PREGNANT
  • A negative HPT test means that no hCG is found: NOT PREGNANT
  • A "false negative" test means that your test is negative but you ARE pregnant. This usually happens when you test too early. Read more about a false negative test HERE.
  • A "false positive" test means that your test is positive but you are NOT pregnant. A false positive pregnancy test happens extremely rarely. Read more about false positive pregnancy tests HERE.