During pregnancy pigmentation on the skin frequently changes. Freckles, darker skin, and linea nigra (the dark line that appears vertically on your abdomen from your belly button to your pelvis) are all associated with pregnancy.

Causes of Skin Discoloration in Pregnancy
Diet and pregnancy hormones are to blame for increased pigmentation and skin discoloration during pregnancy.

Important Facts About Skin Discoloration
Every baby is different, as is every mom. Skin discoloration for one mom may appear as redness on the palms of hands and soles of feet while another pregnant mom may experience freckles where none once were. Areolas tend to darken. A pregnancy mask of skin discoloration may have you feeling that you need to hide in a closet until baby is born, but they are not dangerous.

Treatments for Skin Discoloration in Pregnancy

As was true when you weren't pregnant, sun rays often causes skin discoloration, so in order to ward off discoloration, find a sensitive skin sunscreen to us. Even with the use of sunscreen, however, you may still see some skin discolorations after spending time in the sun as your skin is much more sensitive to UVA and UVB rays during pregnancy.

Indoors you may also have to wear sunscreen to prevent melasma (also known as the pregnancy mask), a skin discoloration that appears on the face on places that are typically hit by the sun . UV rays easily move through windows and while you may feel you are preventing further discoloration by staying out of the sun, you are still in the sun during the day. Protective clothing like hats with a brim and long sleeved shirts can also help keep skin discoloration to a minimum. During the summer months it is important to stay cool, so you just may have to deal with those freckles until your baby is born! But don't worry, many find freckles to be stunning, so enjoy them while you can!