What is it?

The OV-Watch fertility monitor detects the chemical surge of chloride ions on the skin in order to predict ovulation. It was developed by Pheromone Sciences (now called Sernova Corporation) and is marketed by HealthWatchSystems of Florida.

According to Sernova

The monitor set a new benchmark in family planning and provides a more reliable and user-friendly approach to natural, cycle-based fertility status measurement. [It] is a non-invasive method of predicting ovulation and the fertile window of women through the measurements of sweat ion changes on the surface of the skin.

It is a small wristwatch-like device, containing an interactive microprocessor combined with a biochemical sensor allowing it to produce data that predicts the fertility status of the user (not-fertile, fertile or ovulating). The computed results can then be viewed on the LCD screen of the device and/or the user can be alerted via optional audio signals.


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