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Over 1 in 20 women seek information about reproductive health from apps.

Out of 100,000 health apps, leading U.S. doctors have selected the babyMed App as one of the top health and medical pregnancy & fertility apps in the market today!

babyMed is the essential app for anyone who is trying to get pregnant or who is already pregnant. babyMed for iPhone offers a complete set of pregnancy and fertility tools to help you get pregnant faster and deliver a healthy baby.

Conceived by Dr. Amos Grunebaum, world-renowned obstetrician and Chief of Labor and Delivery at the leading New York Medical Center and developed by Blue Label Labs, a leading New York based mobile app developer, babyMed combines fertility and pregnancy tools backed by years of clinical practice with a simple, easy to use interface that turns your iPhone into your own digital Ob-Gyn.

Used by hundreds of thousands of moms and doctors worldwide, babyMed is the recognized leader in pregnancy and fertility apps. babyMed includes the following tools: Baby kick counter to babyMed app monitor your baby's health and prevent complications (which also supports twins).

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Easy to use pregnancy calculator which will tell you your expected due date. Brightly colored, personalized pregnancy calendar that lets you follow your baby's development from conception to birth. Fertility calculator that uses a simple Red/Yellow/Green traffic light to display your current fertility and optional fertility reminders that will notify you on the days when you are most fertile. Personalized fertility calendar that shows your ovulation dates, your fertile days for sexual intercourse and when to expect the first pregnancy signs and symptoms. Simple BMI calculator that lets you track your weight change during your pregnancy. babyMed is available for free download to your iPhone on the Apple App Store.  

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