Stress can have a negative effect on your fertility no matter where and how it happens. It's especially taxing when trying to conceive.

Factors that cause stress

Overall, the things in life that naturally provide soothing moments are the positive people and experiences that surround you. The bad news is that the opposite is also true, so having negative people, whether family or friends, constantly impeding your peace can be an ongoing source of stress. Sometimes you have to look at what's around you to see how stress may be affecting you. How is your relationship with your partner? How about your family? Or your friends?

Daily life has an impact on stress levels because the things you do regularly affect you the most. When you consider that the bulk of most of our days is spent either at work or working (whether you work from home or in the office or own your own business), work and colleagues can be a source of stress. How stressful is your workplace? Is interacting with your colleagues or bosses anxiety-producing?

TTC and stress

Another thing to consider is that trying to conceive can become a chore instead of a bonding emotional experience. Many couples find that the pressure to conceive and get pregnant as soon as possible is a major stressor that may work against your goal. Often is the case (though not always) that when the pressure to conceive is taken away, a couple will conceive on their own naturally.

Is your fertility being affected by stress? This quiz was created by Dr. Amos Grunebaum to help you find out if stress is affecting your ability to get pregnant.