Our new app Obie offers personalized fertility advice for women at any stage of their reproductive health journey. Every woman deserves the best chance at a healthy, natural pregnancy, and that’s what Obie delivers.

The most accurate

Obie is personalized to your body and lifestyle, and uses the latest science. One reason we decided to build Obie is that many other cycle trackers are inaccurate, leading to frustrating missed opportunities. With proven medical data, Obie helps you optimize your health to meet your fertility goals.

Improve your reproductive health naturally

With Obie, you can make the most of your natural ability to get pregnant by learning how your body works and optimizing it. We’ll teach you about diet, exercise, stress-management, environment, and many other factors. We’ll also discuss when and how often to have sex, which tests you should take and what they reveal, and even how to increase your chances of having a girl or boy!

But we know that it’s not easy for many people. If getting pregnant is challenging for you, we’ll provide the resources and support you need to explore all of your options—including testing, treatments, and the best products.

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Obie. Your all-in-one personal reproductive health coach

Obie covers everything, cycle tracking, pre-conception, fertility, and pregnancy. This app is all you need to take charge of your reproductive health, optimize fertility, plan your pregnancy, and improve your all-around health.