• Top 7 Baby Bottle

Moms require baby bottles that are simple to clean, sturdy, and affordable -- above all, they need to deliver the nutrition. When a woman learns that she is pregnant, her mind begins to think about all the things her baby will need to be comfortable and healthy. One of those things is often baby bottles. Although some moms wait to buy bottles because they are breastfeeding, if they work outside of the home and decide to go back to work after maternity leave ends, she will need baby bottles. Whether she continues to use breast milk and pumps during the day at work, or whether she decides to use formula, bottles are one of the staples of raising a baby.

There are a huge number of bottles available on the market and for some babies, it won’t matter what kind of bottle you give them. However, some babies are very picky about the kind of bottle – more specifically the type of nipple – they will accept. You may have to go through a trial and error period to find a nipple that your baby likes best.

1. Dr. Brown’s

Whether glass (which are hard to find now, because the company is phasing them out) or BPA-free plastic, these consistently showed up in our search for the best bottles on the market. They were created by a doctor and have a patented venting system to keep air out of your baby’s tummy.

2. Tommee-Tippee

This brand has been around forever and their Closer to Nature bottles are praised by moms who say that they are very close to the way the breast works and they haven’t had any trouble switching their baby from the bottle to the breast.

3. Playtex Nurser

The original Drop-In Nurser has also been around quite a while. These bottles feature a drop in, plastic-bag type sleeve that collapses as your baby drinks, so less air gets in your baby’s tummy. When the sleeve is empty, you just throw it away – no bottle cleaning! – just nipple cleaning.

4. AVENT Natural from Phillips

These are available in BPA-free plastic or glass. These too, have a good venting system for preventing air from getting into the milk/formula. AVENT is also a company that has been trusted by moms for several decades.

5. Munchkin

The Munchkin Latch is BPA-free plastic offers a nipple that behaves very much like a woman’s breast. The soft nipple stretches and the soft dome allows baby to control the flow of milk.

6. Comotomo

These baby bottles are different in that they are made of medical grade silicone and they have a smooth, skin-like texture and wide neck design. They are also squishable, which makes for a more natural feel to baby.

7. Joovy BOOB

These bottles are highly recommend in glass but are also available in PP and PPSU. All are BPA-free. The nipples have great venting for less gas and spit up by baby.