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Since the 2010’s, DDC uses "Next Generation Sequencing" NGS or Massively Parallel Sequencing as the newest technique available for genetic analysis. This procedure generates a DNA sequence that is the linear arrangement of letters (A, T, C, and G) that occur in a DNA sample. Because the technique allows one to simultaneously start the sequencing at thousands of locations in the DNA that overlap, massive amounts of data can be generated and put back together with appropriate bioinformatics programs. It would be like taking book and cutting out sections of sentences then reassembling the book using a computer program to recognize overlapping sentence fragments.

NIPP = Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test

DDC currently uses NGS for its Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test (NIPP) that can determine the biological father of a fetus as early as 8 weeks gestation using a blood sample from the mother. Before NIPP testing, a chorionic villus sample (cvs) or amniocentesis sample was required from the mother. Both of these procedures are invasive and have a small risk of damage to the fetus. The NIPP test is safe for the fetus and detects circulating cell free fetal DNA (cfDNA) in the mother’s plasma and sequences the DNA to interrogate several thousand SNPs.

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